Here is where you can find each and every chapter written thus far!

Chapter 1- Britanica Throttle

Ch. 1.1

Ch. 1.2
Ch. 1.3

Ch. 1.4
Ch. 1.5
Ch. 1.6
Ch. 1.7
Ch. 1.8
Ch. 1.9
Ch. 1.10
Ch. 1.11
Ch. 1.12

Chapter 2 – Cordelia Throttle


Ch. 2.1
Ch. 2.2
Ch. 2.3
Ch. 2.4
Ch. 2.5
Ch. 2.6

Chapter 3 – Sadiah Throttle

Ch. 3.1
Ch. 3.2
Ch. 3.3
Ch. 3.4
Ch. 3.5


4 responses to “Story

  1. It’s amazing! How did you get the Ch.2 link into your page?

    • I simply put the title of the link that I want. For example, Ch. 2 then I click on the button that looks like a chain link and put in the link to the chapter and voila!

  2. Ooh, thankyou! 🙂 Your legacy is amazing btw:) When are you updating it next? 😀

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