Ch. 3.2 – Mom’s Plan

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you that Mom’s plan worked.  The evil thing.  She always seems to have something planned for me.  Why can’t I decide things for myself with no help or interference?  Not that I regret meeting Isaac.  Not at all.  It’s just..I want my own life, ya know?

I never question her, though.  She’s my mom and “mothers know best.”  She sure does, though.  She always seems to “know” these things, you know?

Needless to say Isaac started coming over and had become a part of the family without all the legal stuff.  He wouldn’t just come over for me, either.  He would come over and help Mom cook dinner, or play chess with Daddy.  I think Daddy really liked having someone to play with other than himself.

I was still working my butt off, and getting promotions left and right.  I also kept up with my growing garden.  Continue reading


Ch. 3.1 – Sadiah

Uhm..yea.  Hi, I guess.  I’m Sadiah and I’m not really all too sure what I’m supposed to be doing.  Mom handed me this journal the other day and said, “You’re taking over the estate!  I know you’ll make us proud.  Just remember to tell the future generations all about you and please please PLEASE have children so our legacy continues.”  Haha.. yea, right.  Me? Kids?  I just turned into an adult! Continue reading

Ch. 2.6 – Passing the Torch

Now that my loving husband and I are getting on in age, it is time to pass the torch for the legacy.  However, many things have led up to this point, so I should probably rewind and tell you all about it!

Well, really there’s not much to tell about Sadiah.  She continues to sit at the TV all day long.  I have to keep reminding her when I get home from work everyday to do her bloody homework.  I really worry about that girl.  She’s just not motivated to do anything!

She grew up into a pretty little thing, though.  Maybe she’ll be motivated to find her a nice boy.  And hopefully that nice boy will get on her about doing things other than sitting in front of the television! Continue reading

Generation 3 Heir/Heiress Vote

It’s that time again!!  Please vote for who you like best!! Continue reading

Ch. 2.5 – Decisions

Have you ever heard the saying that siblings are usually as different as night and day? Well I had, but never believed it until I raised my own two children.

I thought my life was going to be just perfect. I had an amazing son who was well disciplined, never partied, never broke the law. Maybe it could do with the fact that his mom is a cop. I don’t know. He always helps out with his sibling and everything.

It seems like so long ago now that I went into labor with my second child. We named her Sadiah.  I don’t know why we chose that name to be honest, it just came to me and I thought it was a beautiful name.  She is going to be extremely beautiful when she grows up; I just know it.

Sadiah was quite a pleasant baby, just like Akia was.  She didn’t cry very often, which was a good thing.  We all liked our sleep, as we were always having to work or go to school early in the morning.

The years went by, and Sadiah grew up into a gorgeous little girl.

However, growing older comes new responsibilities.  Now that she was old enough, it was time to teach Sadiah her basic skills: potty training, talking, and walking.  I sat down with her one day to teach her how to talk.  Piece of cake, right?  Akia caught onto it so quickly!  I couldn’t have been more wrong..

When I would try to teach her something, she would look off into space and completely forget what I was telling her.  Although her confused face was as cute as could be, it was a little frustrating.  I found out this was going to be a lot more work than it was with Akia.  However, I loved her very much.  I would never love one child over another.

We finally got through it all, and I was even finding time for myself again.  I called Xia up, as she had recently gotten pregnant with her new husband.  I didn’t ask too many questions, as he would be old enough to be my niece’s grandfather.  She is very pretty, but I don’t understand why Xia has to shave the poor girl’s head!

Xia and I were becoming closer, which made me happy.  I was very upset with how things went with us.  She was my sister, we were supposed to be close.  Akia also brought home a girl, who was quite pretty.  Her purple eyes were a little freaky, though.  However, little did Akia know, she already had a boyfriend.  The poor thing tried to put the moves on her (I wasn’t spying I promise!) and she was quite shocked and promptly told him she was dating some other guy.  Makes me wonder why she even came over in the first place, then.  Who knows.  I hope he’ll find someone soon.

A couple more years went by, and both Akia and Sadiah grew up.  They are the most precious kids in the world.  Choosing who is going to take over the house is going to be the most difficult decision I have ever had to make.  I hope I make the right choice.

Ch. 2.4- Bliss

My baby boy was soon to be growing up into a teenager. I really wasn’t worried, you know. Akia is such a good child, that I know he won’t get into any trouble. As soon as he comes home, he goes straight to the table to do his homework. Then he goes straight to the easel to work on some painting. He tells me he wants to be the best artist/writer there is. I believe he’ll make it, I really do.

We invited family over, of course, for this event. Sam, Zaina, Xia, Victor, and their significant others were there. Continue reading


As you may have already seen, I have stopped writing the legacy temporarily. I am currently working on a collaborative legacy (you can find it in my legacies page) and it is my turn. Once my turn is over, I will continue to write the legacy. Also, a couple weeks ago, I thought of a story, and could really use your thoughts!

Please check it out here.