It’s a sad day..

Well…-sighs- apparently the save file for the Throttle family was corrupted and that’s why I had been having some problems that I had not mentioned while playing before. So, the family did not transfer over correctly and blah blah blah.

Therefore…I can not play the Throttles anymore. They are gone..

I’m really upset about this. I was so proud of myself for getting so far. I really don’t know what to do.

So, my dear readers, I am sorry to say that the Throttle legacy will not continue.

However, I do want your opinion. Would you read another legacy if I started one?


4 responses to “It’s a sad day..

  1. sorry to hear that because I enjoyed reading this. Hope to see something else as soon as you can get it up. I like reading your stuff and would like to see what you come up with after loosing such a great family.

    • I really am devastated. I literally cried when I couldn’t find them anywhere. I think it was more devastating that I lost something that I had put so much time and effort into. It’s the longest I ever played one family on the sims. I usually got tired of them by the time the first generation died. I’m in the process of starting a new legacy, though 🙂

  2. Oh no 😦

    It’s always worth keeping backups, not just of your saves, but of your sims/families.

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