Ch. 3.5- Was I a Bad Parent?

Okay. I know I wasn’t the best mother in the world to my girls, but seriously? It all started while all the girls were in high school. Gail was a senior by this time, and the triplets in tenth grade. Now that they were at least old enough to go in to the dance club during early hours, they decided to take full advantage of it. I was completely fine. I mean, they had to wear special wristbands that indicated they were underage. They also had a curfew of 10 PM. I think that’s pretty reasonable for teenagers on a school night!

However, from what I’m understanding, things went a little crazy at the dance club. I don’t know all of the details, but I know someone bought them all drinks. I heard that one of my girls was even on the bar dancing!! What will this do to my reputation! They don’t even care!

Still unaware of what my precious daughters were up to, I was getting extremely worried when they had not shown up by 11:30.  This was very unlike my daughters.  I mean, they never went out really.  They always did their homework.  Images of them being kidnapped or worse swam around my head.  Isaac finally called the police.  “Yes, Officer, my girls are missing.  They were supposed to be home by 10 PM and have not come yet…..Yes, I understand…yes, the last place I knew them to be was The Jive…yes…mhm..okay thank you.”  Within thirty minutes, the officer found my girls and brought them home.  Oh the humiliation!  What will the neighbors think?  Needless to say, paparazzi were swarming around like bees taking pictures.  I was mortified.  So were the girls apparently, as soon as they saw where they were, they bolted for the front door and inside.

Isaac and I gave all the girls a good tongue lashing.  Isaac especially; he caught them before making it to the door and blessed them out in front of everyone.  “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?! You were making your mother and I sick with worry!  I swear to you if you do something like this ever again you will be grounded for a month with no friends, no gossip magazines, nothing.  I will also take your cell phones and netbooks away.  Do I make myself clear?”  The were all devastated with how we treated them, but I think we got the message through to them.

Years passed, and the girls graduated.  I can’t believe them.  NONE of them want a job.  Not a single one of them.  They all told me they either want to be rich and famous or they just want a lot of friends.  Well, all but Jahzara.  Anytime I ask her what she dreams of doing, she says she hasn’t decided yet.  I’ve raised a bunch of hobos.  Well, in order to live this life they want, they better marry someone rich!  And to think one of them might run the show…

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about my lovely twin boys.  Well, I think I did a little better in raising them.  You see, now they are young teenagers themselves.  They both have been tested for honors courses, and have passed with flying colors.  My boys are geniuses I tell you.  Geniuses!  And the icing on top of the cake? They both want to follow in my footsteps and become creature-robot cross breeders!! How awesome is that?!

Lamar has my hair color, but a weird set of eyes that look almost purple.  He has been growing his hair out since he was a child.  I love him, but I’m afraid he’s a little fruity.  He’s artistic, you see, but his favorite color is not a boy color at all.  It’s PINK!!  Seriously, where have I gone wrong?

One morning I overheard Isaac and Lamar talking about something.  I think Dad had offered to take Lamar to a concert or something for some father son time.  However, I think it pretty much killed the bond when he folded his hands together and said, “Oh, that’s just superb, Daddy!  Thank you so much!” And then he proceeded to pounce on Isaac with a hug.  He’s strange, I tell you..

Pablo has Isaac’s red hair.  He has my blue eyes.  He is just as different on the inside as the outside from his twin brother.

Pablo is more of a manly boy.  He’s a jock.  He is on the football team and the swim team at the high school.  We all try to attend most of the swim meets and football games.  However, he tends to spend the majority of his free time by himself.  It’s almost like he’s a loner or something.

I have a hard choice to make..and not because they’re all so perfect..


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