Ch. 3.4 – Driving Me Insane

Everything seemed to be going pretty well for me. I was excelling in my career. I’m so close to discovering how to cross breed a human and a robot. It’s really exciting! I also am still very much in love with my husband, even though he’s afraid of everything around him. You see, now that years have gone by, my beautiful girls are teenagers. Every single one of them. Time flies, I think, when you have four girls. This time around, I was a much better mother. Although, I have to admit, it is very hard to forget that you had triplets! All of them would start crying at once. Isaac and I quite often tag teamed to take care of each of them and make sure they were satisfied. I can’t believe how beautiful each and every daughter has turned out. From this point, I will talk about them, and not myself. I hope I don’t forget anything!

First, is Gail.  She is, as you know, the oldest daughter.  Although she has my hair and eyes, I really don’t know where the square face came from.  Neither Isaac nor myself have that.  Maybe it comes from his side of the family?  Anyway.  I’ve always said that she was a little cuckoo.  Ever since she was an infant.  I truly believe that.  I mean, I love Gail.  Don’t get me wrong, but she’s crazy!

One night, I heard screaming coming from outside.  I recognized it to be Gail’s voice.  I rushed downstairs and looked out the glass doors to find her in her swimsuit arguing with herself!  I mean, what it the world!?  I know I wasn’t the best mother in the world to her when she was a baby, but I didn’t think that I had scarred her that much.

The paparazzi will have a field day if they ever catch her like this.  Oh, yes.  The paparazzi.  I think with my research and becoming quite popular because of it has led the paparazzi to follow my family and me around.  They are constantly snooping around and taking pictures.  I even caught one taking pictures of me in my garden.  I mean it’s just a garden for plumbob’s sake!  Anyway, this will put her in the crazy house for sure if she doesn’t watch it!  She’s also a party animal, now.  She’s constantly going to random people’s houses and crashing their parties, dancing on tables and such.  I’m telling you.  She’s nuts.

Next come the triplets, although, because they are younger, I don’t have as much gossip to tell you about them.  Yet.

First, is Halima.  She also has my hair and eyes.  Like Gail, she also has the square head.  What is with my children and square faces!?  Isaac’s going to think I had an affair with every birth, I swear it.

She’s a very eccentric girl.  Always building things and tinkering.  I think she is very much like me, and I think she may want to follow in my footsteps and become a scientist when she grows up.  That would make me very happy!  She told me, though, that she just wants to live the life of the rich and famous.  She could be both a scientist and live that kind of lifestyle, I think.  Whatever.  As long as she’s happy.  She’s also very girly, which is very unlike me.  She’s likes the color pink for crying out loud.  If anything pink reached my room growing up I would get sick!

Next is Jahzara.  She is not a girly girl.  She has a very bland sense of style.  If it’s not gray, black, or white, she really doesn’t like it.  She has my hair and eyes, too.  The only one who doesn’t is Kade.  She’s a very quiet girl.  She hasn’t decided yet what she wants to do with her life, but I don’t think she’s too worried about it.

All I ever see her do is her homework and clean.  She cleans the entire house, without being asked to.  Really, she’s like a maid.  I hate seeing her clean up after everyone, but she always says, “Mom. Seriously.  Don’t worry!! I like doing this!”  and keeps on cleaning.  Something tells me she’s going to be like her dad and just stay at home all day.   I hope I’m wrong, though!

Finally, is Kade.  She’s the most girly girl I have ever seen!  She doesn’t just like pink like Halima.  She likes hot pink. I really don’t see how I raised such a pansy! Unlike the rest of the children, she has jet black hair and blue eyes.  She’s a beauty.

Like Halima, she wants to live the life of the rich and famous.  I think I know how she’s going to achieve that goal, too.  By being an athlete.  Since we always have paparazzi around, she says she wants to have the best body to get the best pictures.  I swear, that girl.

Each of them are very popular.  They are always going to other people’s houses and having friends over.  I’m glad that they live such a healthy social life.  I’m too busy being a mother and a scientist to have that life anymore!

However, although they have friends on their own, nothing can beat the friendship they have with each other.  The girls are very close, and for that I am thankful.  There isn’t any arguing going on about “you stole my clothes! blah blah blah” and cat fights every night.  They do everything together.  Even homework!

Now that all of the cozy sweet looking family thing is over, I can now bring in the drama.  My life seems to not be able to avoid it.  Our house is full enough as it is.  I know that.  But what happened?

Through all of this, we brought twin boys home.  That’s right.  Twins.

First, is Lamar.

Next, is Pablo.

Shoot me now.  I swear, I’m going to the drug store and getting birth control.


One response to “Ch. 3.4 – Driving Me Insane

  1. xD Uh oh! So many sqaures, and so many children!

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