It Lives!!

I have FOUND the backup to the family, and it is now in my game!!!

Update: Never’s an old save from when Akia was still a child. 😦


It’s a sad day..

Well… Continue reading

Hiatus Again :(

As you all may have noticed, it has been a while since I last updated the legacy. I’m hoping to play my legacy again. I am most definitely having withdrawals! Continue reading

Generation 4 Heir/Heiress Vote

First up is Gail:

Traits: Insane, Star Quality, Dramatic, Party Animal, Light Sleeper

LTW: Super Popular

Next come the triplets


Traits:  Star Quality, Inappropriate, Eccentric, Heavy Sleeper, Born Saleswoman

LTW:  Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous


Traits:  Hates the Outdoors, Unflirty, Neat, Perceptive, Schmoozer

LTW:  Pervasive Private Eye


Traits:  Hates the Outdoors, Star Quality, Perfectionist, Perceptive, Athletic

LTW:  Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Finally the twins


Traits:  Slob, Can’t Stand Art, Virtuoso, Genius

LTW:  Become a Robot Creature Cross Breeder


Traits:  Slob, Clumsy, Athletic, Genius

LTW:  Become a Robot Creature Cross Breeder

Ch. 3.5- Was I a Bad Parent?

Okay. I know I wasn’t the best mother in the world to my girls, but seriously? It all started while all the girls were in high school. Gail was a senior by this time, and the triplets in tenth grade. Now that they were at least old enough to go in to the dance club during early hours, they decided to take full advantage of it. I was completely fine. I mean, they had to wear special wristbands that indicated they were underage. They also had a curfew of 10 PM. I think that’s pretty reasonable for teenagers on a school night! Continue reading

Ch. 3.4 – Driving Me Insane

Everything seemed to be going pretty well for me. I was excelling in my career. I’m so close to discovering how to cross breed a human and a robot. It’s really exciting! I also am still very much in love with my husband, even though he’s afraid of everything around him. You see, now that years have gone by, my beautiful girls are teenagers. Every single one of them. Time flies, I think, when you have four girls. This time around, I was a much better mother. Although, I have to admit, it is very hard to forget that you had triplets! All of them would start crying at once. Isaac and I quite often tag teamed to take care of each of them and make sure they were satisfied. I can’t believe how beautiful each and every daughter has turned out. From this point, I will talk about them, and not myself. I hope I don’t forget anything! Continue reading

Ch. 3.3 – Time to be Brave

On the night of our marriage, we I’ll leave it at that!
Everything seemed to be going great eve since that day.   A little while later, I found out I was pregnant with our first child.  I told Isaac, and he was ecstatic.

“I can’t believe it!  I’m going to be a daddy? Oh gosh, what if I’m not good enough?  What if I make a horrible father!? Oh God, oh God.  I gotta go to the bookstore and buy baby books.  I’ll be back later, love.”  And with that, he left.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He’s so adorable in his cowardly way. Continue reading